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I like the looks of this style. +1

i love this one. great job!
thanks for your support

Very cool design. Awesome! +1

it is amazing concept and make different..

Nicely done. Works GREAT as a front and back design!

This shirt looks amazing.

very cool!
+1 voted

very cool!
+1 voted

you got my vote! i love the colors please check my new design i just have loaded it i hope it is on line tomorrow, i also checked your blog there are very cool stuffs there could you check mine and tell me what you think the link is:

Thanks…. Hectorbermudez.
I saw your blog’s new art..
I hope to see your design in DBH..

woooowwwwww very nice!

wow,very beautiful design….voted mate!

great looking but i personaly think you have better designs. How did you get an image in your comment? pleas tell me that. +1

I like it better now than above.
The reflection on the ground had to go :P
nice one ;)

help needed

Something like energetic power and warmness in your design…very good!

Nice illustration… but the back-placement is the best :-)

@Phunky_machine! This adapted image in my comment link from my web.
Thanks for comment.

vey cool man.. love the color..


p.s get rid of the reflection..

Very nice shirt :) It’s good You get rid of this reflection :)
I don’t konow about the back…
but shirt is awsome :)

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