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wow, this is amazing, its so creative!
i dont think you need the reflection though, i agree with PHNX in saying it will draw attention to the top : )

overall wick design good luck!

Nice artwork… colors n reflection..+1


GREAT!!!!! +1


Thank for comments~

Well, here’s my next buy. Looks great.

love the colors. looks like its glowing!

this one is great :)

Great…great design..+1

uou beautiul


this is great man…i love it…
sure they will print this…

nice work vote!!!!!

awesome design man…u got unic style…just not sure about the reflex on the design..maybe without would be better…+1 man

Voted! very cool!

pretty bizarre

OMG this is greatly done man, just +1 for this

man, this is great! a lot of storytelling in your design. very nice job:D

Thanks a lot~

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