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really cool design did you do the hole collage in photoshop or is it a collage you did and then photoshopped ? not sure about the coloring… but the collage work is awesome.
you should probably leave the mirror-effect out… not sure how this will look on a real shirt.

i love it man … it`s awesome

I love it except for the mirrored image on the shirt. colors are killer!

nicely _

Thanks for comments..

Dude, I love it. I still don’t know why you don’t have a shirt printed yet. +1


Nice composition


looks cool the colors are really great

looks great!
Nice color and design. +1 voted.

Wow !!!
I really love your art !

very nice~!


Dope. I don’t really like the butterflys, but this is hot sex. +1

Good stuff.

Friend, I love it. I would love to wear this. Keep up what you do, because you’re very good at it. +1

This is awesome man! love it! the colors and compositions is superb! voted

I really like the colors

amazing artwork, collage work at its best, thsi one is a total must print for sure, crazy elements working up together to make a sick composition and a futuristic robo character,love the gradient on the design, color scheme is just fine as well and placement couldnt be better, just one thing, get rid off the mirror effect, it draws attention on whats goin on on top, but thats just me, fine example of a great design…love it..voted…peace.

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