Those legs walked right out of the deli counter. theyre really cool. I’de wear that in a second. go stashvamps!

padams padams Human

This is great. I love the legs growing from the neckline. It’s like you don’t have to worry about what your body looks like; just take care of your head and legs.

sirbeauris sirbeauris Artist

It looks like her pieces of her skin fell off and you see the “meaty” parts of her legs. I like the concept cause I like legs, but maybe a better execution..

go ho ho ooof id wear these legs; i just wish i had some of my own.
damn helicopter cut my legs off…

girlskull girlskull Artist

my legs!

robsoul robsoul Artist from United States

I dig it.

rebecca rebecca Artist

unique artist; love all these designs.

stashvamps stashvamps Artist

thanks everyone. my legs are a hit.

i like how weird it is.

I think some Jergen’s Lotion would help her.

greensoup greensoup Human

ooooo! i like this one!

this shirt is the fanciest i have ever encountered. Trust me Im a traveler…

airam airam Human

i really like this one

durdur durdur Human

all very good

chrisc chrisc Human

that traveler guy (above) seems to know what he is talking about.. I agree with him

Foster Foster Artist

Voted. Great colors.

tee_na tee_na Artist

hot shoes!


PS. neat, voted

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