cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

I’m down with this! nice work man.

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

It’s just… great.

chicalaluz chicalaluz Artist

wow special! +1

TangYauHoong TangYauHoong Artist from Malaysia

Great texture, man!

MrWalrusFace MrWalrusFace Artist from United States

killer sub

whoa very nice!!

check out my first design


TalkingToTheGround TalkingToTheGround Human from United States

PRINT THIS MO’FO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

badbasilisk badbasilisk Artist from Austria

this is HOT!

this is great!

csj89 csj89 Artist from Philippines

congrats! awesome tee

Oddeti Oddeti Artist

Congrats dude. Bout time you got one around here. :D

Aphte Aphte Artist from France

Congrats !!

jublin jublin Artist from United States

right on hector! way to go

Taalis Taalis Artist

Will be picking this one up on my next order.

hyperhyphen hyperhyphen Artist

fabulous totally love it:)

OmarO OmarO Human


junioraltoe junioraltoe Artist from Brazil

Amazinggggg… I needdddd oneee!!!

Jestik Jestik Human

1.21 jiggawatts !!!

Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

This is a pretty cool design for how simple it is. Great job and congrats!

Grats! really love this one!

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