haha funny..i wanna see wat it look like on red..voted

come see mine if u have time..


charloon charloon Human

reet good :)

hahahahah!! french tache!

koivo koivo Artist from Russia

i like it ) +

cammor cammor Artist

vote +1, very cool


You messed the hair up on the left side.
Also the hand is not in proportion with the head.
fix it and you will get my vote

cool idea, but you should color the eyes not in skin-tone. think if you let both eyes shine through the hair, the mustach-look will be more intense…

coloroyd coloroyd Artist

i luv it +1

qetza qetza Artist from United States

The hand could be a little bigger, but I really like the pop art looking colors. Clean lines.

Rauth Rauth Artist from Paraná, Brazil

Cool man!+1

rldamit rldamit Artist

pretty cool

rogerin rogerin Artist

hehehehe..like the idea…very nice..+1
please go check my stuff later and vote if u like ^^

Hey brother where is the live trace options? i can do the drawing whith the pencil tools and some times she have one action like….a make one line whit curves and some times she makes some retiline line, like unio in other?Thanks about your answers…. nice work one vote in the pretty blond girl ahhahhahaa

bluemonkey bluemonkey Artist

im not sure wear your from but alot of my highstreet shops have a vintage look in them at the moment, i feel this would work nice with a tee like this,

i love the design and the placement is wicked, it really works big,

i just however feel it could have a like warn affect like i mentioned above.

this is just my opinion though, other people maybe hate the idea ;)

on the other hand maybe add dots all over parts of it or all of it, or lines for shading, this would give even more of a pop art feel :)

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