redriderz redriderz Human

Would buy this if it gets reprinted in mens large.

This is a nice shirt. Gutted there’s no mediums left


jjrock7 jjrock7 Human

Please reprint in mens medium. Thanks!

TomCoyne TomCoyne Human

I’d get this for sure if it was reprinted

kenty1991 kenty1991 Human


Silverlugia860 Silverlugia860 Human from United States

Like everyone else is saying, REPRINT!

Fazzy Fazzy Human

I’d love a reprint, Men’s medium?

unseen unseen Human


Djain Djain Human

Out of all the DBH shirts i’ve seen (and i’ve seen and own a lot), this if by far my most favourite one. Really disappointed that DBH hasn’t reprinted this yet, but hopefully they get on it because i would buy this shirt immediately :)

I mean no disrespect to the artist who created this, But is there anything you actually made in there? I understand collage and the techniques behind it, but this design looks… Immature? I would love to see what you could do with the concept but executed using traditional medium rather than stock vectors downloaded from who knows were.

Anyways, congrats on the print :)

Soviet Soviet Human

reprint medium!

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