hmm.. think you should turn it around than I’d wear it and vote :) don’t like it when the ass points to my face.. also you should think about the shirt color.. might look great on some green-blue-ish-thing :)gimme a nudge if you resub :)

ZoelHenRy ZoelHenRy Artist

like…like..like….i like ur design….much….+1

check mine also if u gotta time…thx

Ariankh Ariankh Artist

nice +1 check out my stuff

catatonia catatonia Human

i like deer ass in my face

Skulldog Skulldog Artist

I love this, I wold easily buy it either flipped way. Heck, have them put it one way on the front and the other on the back.

hyperhyphen hyperhyphen Artist

your illustrations are great

i’m so surprised people are suggesting this be flipped
it’s awesomeness is all in the orientation-posture-expression combo
...and of course the title and it’s visual translation

Brew Brew Artist

you are a wicked person +1

dude i’m diggin this new style

playground playground Artist

Freaky, it’s excellent!

Love it! I don’t know why people are suggesting it be flipped…the antlers are tree roots. Which kind of have to be down in the earth. Love it, it reminds me of fossils.

Khanran Khanran Artist

absolutely lovely!

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