DavidBS DavidBS Artist from Venezuela

Like it!

woekan woekan Artist

Wow, i love it. Especially the balloons on the background! +1

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yay :) steampunk! think you should do something else with the background…

rogerin rogerin Artist

wow..this is so cool..great illustration and the soft colors…very nice..+1
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Nice work, reminds me of old school science fiction!
If your interested check mine out.

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Nice design.. I love it.
+1 voted.
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Ariankh Ariankh Artist

nice +1 check out my stuff

voyager9 voyager9 Artist

wow, neat placement and illo! +1

ChefRAZ ChefRAZ Artist

looks fantastic on oatmeal. voted


cool shirt i really like your style!

Love it :)

Yessss….another fancy touch by Inga Burina!

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