qetza qetza Artist from United States

I really like the brush textures going on in the hat. Nice work.

OCL-R OCL-R Artist

looks pretty awesome. good work. thanks for the comment. +1

lhifx lhifx Artist

voted!! =)

gibbs019 gibbs019 Artist

Thank ye kindly. Voted for this one.

nice, it would be better with more colors I guess.

Nekros Nekros Artist

a little bit creepy personally, but i like it +1

Nekros Nekros Artist

a little bit creepy personally, but i like it. i love all the detail throughout each character. great job.

Adfreak Adfreak Artist

nice one! the watercolor effect gives it a nice touch, the lucha lucha stills being my favourite

hayday12 hayday12 Artist from United States

Nice +1

Patrycja Patrycja Artist

I don’t get the idea behind it ;), but it’s a great drawing, and looks sweet on a tee! +1 :)

piatal piatal Artist

great illo!+1

lgrubino lgrubino Artist from Costa Rica

its a great drawing….but honestly i like more your other works…. i will like it more with more colors….but its still nice and thanks for the vote +1…...

kooky-love kooky-love Artist from Semarang, Indonesia


danielmss danielmss Human

Seems like Nutcracker? ^^

I really like this design. it makes me happy and dream of fantasy world…I voted +1.

voyager9 voyager9 Artist

blue! +1

kakolak kakolak Artist from France

great characters !


I like the illustration.
Only thing that I’m not liking that much is the placement.
still great work. +1
thanx for your comment on mine

marie77 marie77 Human

very pretty characters~nice work!

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

You got one vote more.

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Thanks all guyz for votes and comments~

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