OCL-R OCL-R Artist

dude I love this design!. very playful! a good homage to the art of printing. I am new to this side and am really diggin the art I see. you got my vote man.

jordie5000 jordie5000 Artist

It’s cool stuff. I don’t know how DBH will feel about this sub. I definitely would love to see it over at Threadless if it doesn’t make it.
Great job!
I love that his entire shape forms a lightbulb as well!

reed682 reed682 Artist

Well done seeing that, it actually started by accident, but when I saw it I tried to push it a bit. Thanks.

bluemonkey bluemonkey Artist


i love it! very very cool, i like the colours and the illustration is wicked!

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

nice illustration, +1 :D

Nice!!! You’re quite different! You must be a pretty good cartoonist!?

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