checked out your previous work and you have a nice style, love this one in particular, color scheme and composition of the elemnets are just working for me, looks great, perhaps a little more ligthning on the rest of the elemnets, not only in the heart, just a thougth, voted for sure….check my latest entry and tell me what you think…peace..

woekan woekan Artist

I like it! But i would like it even more on a pink shirt! +1

check out my design

bluemonkey bluemonkey Artist

WOW! im liking this!

very nice cool choice of colours : )

and you have a nice style!

+1 for sure!

Loving the tattoo feel of this. Nice work.
Check mine if your interested.

chev chev Artist from United States

very cool man.. much better then alot of pretentious bullshit people here vote on!

I agree with the tatto comment, also has that graffiti tag feel to it

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