much better than the other one you submitted!
i like the color of the shirt and how you took of the border.
please check out my designs if you have some time


The idea is nice.
The border is nice work. (but not shure it would come right on a tee.)
The colors are also looking great. But The color of the tee itself is not the right pick I think.

got some time? http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/52352

sickk +1

LOSmattocks LOSmattocks Artist

my first thought when I saw this was the movie Romeo and Juliet with leo decrapio.

I think its a good start. My suggestions would be to make mary and the city larger inside the rectangle to the point where the guns slightly stick out the sides of the rectangle. Her head would also now fight nicely in the empty space above her head now.

I really like the depth of this, I think if you took it out of the box and had the sunburst go all the way to the edges it would make the t-shirt a real work of art.

looks a little like obey giants works… a very nice piece but I think you should let the red flow to the top … and not stop it half the way up.. maria with the guns is just awesome :) i say: just put her on the shirt and use the youth-artish style differently behind her with out the borders.. that would be much cooler :)

Moondawggie Moondawggie Artist

really cool reminds me of shepard fairey a bit

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