Dakota808 Dakota808 Artist

mmm i like it!
but..maybe the text could be broken up more and different sizes – not so linear and neat – like kind of zig zagged down to the bunny kind of thing
so the text is retreating as well as the boat in to the distance. I do like the text being a part of it, as makes it cool little story tee :)

herman16 herman16 Human

I like the picture in the lower corner of the shirt, but the text in the middle looks terrible. Without the text, I’d be interested.

Mymil Mymil Human

Normally I really don’t like anthropomorphized animals. But since this one smokes and drinks vodka… I’m making an exception. It looks a little forced on the t-shirt, though.

Lispeth Lispeth Human

This is awesome. Don’t actually lose the text, but maybe fiddly and rearrange it on the shirt a bit so that everything looks more balanced? Also, perhaps you would think about presented it on a light-colored, but not white t?

This should have sooo much more votes =(
you got my support, mate!

I like it a lot. But I don’t like the placement. Too low.

I have an idea, if you could make it look like a page in a book maybe that would tie the whole thing together better.

great design, like it alot

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