Saleen Saleen Human from United States

I really like this one, Id love to get my hands on it.

Stevolcom Stevolcom Artist


io_tee io_tee Artist from East Coast, Singapore

superb technique!

purple is the greatest. want to see a purple design with silver accents. purple and silver are beautiful together.

herman16 herman16 Human

I like the style and coloring very much – I just don’t enjoy the subject of the picture enough to wear it. Keep up with the vibrant styles.

iguana44 iguana44 Human

i enjoy this shirt

dhectwenty dhectwenty Artist from Hong Kong

i must be drunk when i typed that…

its only 3 colour print.

robomaltz robomaltz Artist


zwhitman zwhitman Artist

Yes, more purple! classic, royal, and screaming retro, great call.

yes, need some more purple! love it!

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