rogerin rogerin Artist

great illsutration cam..very nice..like the placement too..+1

burnoneLTD burnoneLTD Artist from Korea, Republic of

i like that…looks cool. looks kinda like a lobster tho…has that cool “old-stencilled” type look. Can’t really tell what that blue stuff is…but as a different color variation…I think that blue part would look good in red too….I think the red & black would be a great match too. +1

Grayson Grayson Artist

this is really fresh lookin :) i like it.

Janice Janice Artist from Tasmania, Australia

2nd on what everyone else has said. love the style (strangely! – tho’ I’ve only really done abstract stuff so far) and how you’ve used it to shape out the critter….

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Freakin awesome! +1

When you get the chance check out my designs.

Drurox Drurox Human from nsw, Australia

awesom, but it looks more like a lobster than a scorpion. voted!!

terabyte terabyte Artist

I had a dream about a scorpion tee. This is it. Awesome work. +1
Would really like a red version. It’ll be totally cool.

Remz Remz Artist

i like this design! this is your sign?

tybomb tybomb Human

That is a lobster

GB_ENIGMA GB_ENIGMA Artist from Thailand

cool graphic +1

bsmahay bsmahay Artist

Like Ur Artwork, nice design!

Was thinking the same thing-lobster.

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