_edg_ _edg_ Human

I think this IS interesting. Kind of freaky and creepy, too. A good first submission.

Could probably use a little more detail the next time you try something. Something a little more stylized and interesting would be nice, too.

elfortunawe elfortunawe Artist

Thank you both. I suppose it could use a bit more definition to help it pop more. It is actually very detailed, it just doesn’t show in the scaled down preview.

Loren Loren Human

The fractal doesn’t go on long enough, you should have it going into little lines that spread throughout the shirt.

elfortunawe elfortunawe Artist

Even if I extended it to a couple dozen orders of magnitude, it actually wouldn’t go very far. If I had some way of generating it automatically it might be feasible. It’s a moot, though, my computer couldn’t handle that. It only just managed the design as it is.

reminds me of the giant hand at the end of FLCL

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