rogerin rogerin Artist

looks nice…nice placement to..+1
check my stuff later and vote if u like ^^

love the color, i would buy this! vote+1

grüüüün! verde!! greeen!! green shirts rock!

piatal piatal Artist


jktskrg jktskrg Artist

thank you for all your support to me.
come on…vote for meee….hehehe…

Janice Janice Artist from Tasmania, Australia

intriguing … subtle yet different.

graphex graphex Artist

interesting composition of halftones, love the color selection too :)

cyca96 cyca96 Artist

I like this!very good! +1

gloopz gloopz Artist from Brooklyn, NY, United States
nice, fresh colors + 1
dengcode dengcode Artist from Indonesia


Integralapparel Integralapparel Artist from United States

I like! Great colors.

elen elen Artist

nice ….. voted

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