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nice illo. +1

I like the semi-tonal treatment best.

Awesome design

Please check out mine. Votes and Comments are appreciated.

Nice color and design. +1 voted.

omg this is super

interesting, but you should put it on real tees, it looks better

Creme scheme, side of chest, no starburst, and I’d buy it no prob. But the starburst is definitely iffy, and the back image just feels wrong.

WOW! This is really awsome!
I would wear this!
Long live Fibonacci!!! ;)
Beautifull :) a love version on cream and normal size of a print :)

Like the color of the small version, but the placement of the blue version. Nice illustration. +1

amazing skills! +1


Your design is very interesting.
Maby you inspired by ammonite design.
I love it. your color and placement.
+1 voted.

Great..great ..voted+1

Wow, very intricate illustration. I prefer the beige one. +1

def beige one. i wouldn’t wear it but i know my wife would. good luck.

Really cool! : ) +1

I like the tan one… very nice

the oversized placement looks fantastic, but I would like it better in the tan colour scheme. Hopefully there are not too many colours for this to be printed

fantastic man..very colorful…+1
please go check my stuff later and vote if u like ^^

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