Now that the sale’s on I have a new code from my order ;)
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reprint LARGE PAHLEASE......for gods sake reprint

yiming19 yiming19 Human

one quick little disclaimer…now, i really like this shirt, i mean, honestly, its ballin, little red riding hood in a forest with the wolf looming over like some sort of awful omen? its sick. in fact, i own it i like it so much. HOWEVER, on the guys shirt, when you sit down, the feet that make little red riding hood look like a girl disappear, and it looks like you have a raging red erection. just some food for thought.

Happy to see you are going to disturb it up! I hope a lot haha
VERY awesome to see your designs win! Your my favorite!!!! :)


DinoBritt DinoBritt Human

Will this design get Reprinted? I would so love to wear this shirt. T_T ITS AWESOME!!!


This is absolute art right here. I adore this. It needs a reprint so much.

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