Está súper!!!

zodalita zodalita Human

Ay my Vick! como siempre
sos un campeon!! jeje

yuju ahi va otro! ;)

hemalata hemalata Human

Es el diseño más bacanooo.. te felicitooo!!

its amazing!! give me that shirt!!!

juanber juanber Human

hey cou culo de diseño

78Layers 78Layers Artist

How did this get sooooo many votes in no time at all? Even the best winning entries don’t get that many votes so quickly. Cool design but I do wonder about the vote count.

iconblast iconblast Artist

Hi 78 Layers! How are you?
I get a lot of votes because i got a lot of friends who supports me, and knows my work. Also i got others 500 friends on facebook, i have lived in 3 differentes cities in Colombia, so that explain why many people had voted for my design. If you want you could add me on facebook my name is Victor Hugo Ortiz González.

DBH give you the possibility to invite your friends too.

Respect man !

xRussox xRussox Human

Amazing desing iconblast
Keep on …
This is your thing

del_core del_core Artist

Its Rock Dude,
check mines too

78Layers 78Layers Artist

Right on. Great promotion. I have never seen a shirt take off like that. I am fairly new to the site but this is the only one that purchase from regularly. I am not on Facebook at the moment but will definitely add you when I join. Again, sweet design. Check out mine if you get a sec. Would really like to see your thoughts/criticism. Thx! +1

campkatie campkatie Artist from Georgia, United States

way to be creative. great graphics and color! +1

oze17 oze17 Artist

nice, +1

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

It’s cool..
Awesome and stunning illustration.
+1 voted.~

Bull Bull Artist

great work!
please check out mine
come on!

hxcdaniel hxcdaniel Human

del putas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zerobriant zerobriant Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

this is my favorite…must be the winner!!

jumpy jumpy Artist from Australia


Hernando Hernando Human

El mejor

baouip baouip Human

wtf!!! amazing!!

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