rogerin rogerin Artist

go check my stuffs later and vot if u like ^^…thankx

Joyker Joyker Artist

Love it, i’d absolutely buy this +1

SteelWooly SteelWooly Artist from CALi, United States

OOooo OOoo!!! freaking juicy bubbly nasty stuff.
I feel like there could be some small little thing done to it just to push it over the edge in a good way, but I have no idea what.
Regardless, really into it. (+1)

piatal piatal Artist


OmarO OmarO Human

I love the illustration.
However, I feel it’s too high on the shirt.. maybe you could do it bigger. Also, why such a light shirt color?

gloopz gloopz Artist from Brooklyn, NY, United States

ha . . nice + 1

minimart minimart Artist

made me laugh. nice illo and placement! voted

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

I could’ve sworn I voted on this already. Anyway +1

When you get the chance check out my designs. Thanks.

burnoneLTD burnoneLTD Artist from Korea, Republic of

cool illustration, nice expressions…wouldn’t mind seeing more of em’ in there…mid part just seems too blank.

starry_eyez starry_eyez Artist from Sri Lanka

very cool design…...VOTED//

Nekros Nekros Artist

i agree. a bit too high… and the middle has a bit too much empty space. maybe on a darker/different color shirt. great design.

JC-LA JC-LA Artist

nice i like it its simple and a crazy at the same time

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

It’s fun.
+1 voted.
Would you check out my recent new artwork ‘mealtime’?
Your comment and vote are welcome

GodComplex GodComplex Artist

Thank you all so much. I love that even when this as well as my other designs get pushed into the shadows by new designs running to the front of the queue, they still manage to accumulate more votes and comments. Love you guys.

saam saam Artist

awesome design

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