Resistance Resistance Artist from KY, United States

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the comments!

piatal piatal Artist


Lyns086 Lyns086 Human

this is cool! +1

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PavoMuticus PavoMuticus Artist

Siiiick. Voted! Check out my designs if you have time. =)

B3Y0ND B3Y0ND Human

That is so BEAST!!

novus novus Artist

Awesome style! I like the colours! +1

If you would care to take a look at my designs it would be HIGHLY appreciated!

Tha Carter
Get It How U Live

jolsen jolsen Artist

I can’t see myself wearing this, but I still think it’s an awesome design. +1

Fabrizio Fabrizio Artist from Vienna, Austria

Thank you for your comment on my quetzalcoatl shirt, voted for your gorilla! Looks pretty sweet ;)

freakball freakball Artist


I had an idea like this, but it was executed a little diff.


cibasnide cibasnide Artist

Awesome idea and awesome colours. If ya get the chance check out mine

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt


psie psie Artist

damn, nice dude!

adameden adameden Artist

the idea is awesome +1

larin555 larin555 Human

You should work on the shading dude.

nice concept

k_kvad k_kvad Artist

я уже давно проголосовал)

Cambo Cambo Artist

very nice! +1
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Jopie Jopie Artist

Yeah! Very cool

appelsin appelsin Human

i will buy this as soon as possible!

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Great concept and design. +1 vote.

If you have the chance check out my designs.


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