Joyker Joyker Artist
vantr1be vantr1be Human

Hey Tat, that`s a pretty cool T-Shirt-Design ;=)

slothpoop slothpoop Human

That rocks more ass than Peter North

Temple Temple Human

Great design Tat!

very ominous and artistic design. I really like it.

hvente hvente Human

Like it a lot!

dramapatrol dramapatrol Artist

great job

tat2ts tat2ts Artist

Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the kind words :-)

jwBalsley jwBalsley Artist

Cool! Scary in a way, I like it!

vantr1be vantr1be Human

Go for Gold, man ;=)

cmolina cmolina Artist

Voted! Have a good one!

rogerin rogerin Artist

nice idea man…voted
please check out my designs later and vote if u like ^^

piatal piatal Artist


tat2ts tat2ts Artist

Thanks again everyone :-)
I deffinately see me particpating more here on DBH.

GB_ENIGMA GB_ENIGMA Artist from Thailand

great design, i like it. +1

asiantees asiantees Human

ok, new account and voted! Very nice one mate.

thanks for your support
i really like this design

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