macra macra Artist from New Zealand


Very good design but is there anything on the front? If not people might think that the shirt is backwards. Still +1

Check me out sometime and post some comments and critiques sometime.
Cheers. =]

barbra barbra Human

Really an awesome design !

Griggitee Griggitee Artist

Love the composition of multiple elements and layers.

excellent! but I agree is there anything of the front?

Xeltius Xeltius Human
Soccerfun88 said: As it stands, I assume the front is blank… I’d love to see a version where the front has something simple on it, with this still on the back. I just don’t like wearing shirts with blank fronts.

I agree with you. I love this design though.

papabo papabo Artist

Very cool. Voted.

Sattler Sattler Human

Really good work, pal!

I want this printed! I would wear this!

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