Jcortero Jcortero Human

reprint small please =)

yess please reprint small. this is by far one of the greatest shirts i ‘ve ever seen and the other two in the collection are amazing as well.

maddieline maddieline Artist

Reprint in a men’s large, please! :D

k-a-r-e-n k-a-r-e-n Human

Is the colour really taupe, the real t-shirt? Seems a bit purple to me, looking at the image…

thestray thestray Artist from United States

It’s a purplish taupe.

kenty1991 kenty1991 Human


e697 e697 Human


Olsson Olsson Human


Great news!

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

It’s indeed a purplish taupe. This is one of the first three shits I ever bought at DBH (one order), and I STILL love and wear it. I’m glad to see it’s reprinted.

ohmander ohmander Human

bought this at a tiny shop in Lima, Peru last summer… it’s my favorite shirt!

inshane inshane Human

is this girl wearing a small or medium? I want for a friend whos about same size

iDanial iDanial Human

Luv the Rainbow Shirt on the Gal! Awesome.. Gotta buy sum of those shirts in ur website, Well sadly after Exams. This is my first comment, So Totally Luv the Website n most importantly the shirts

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