I like it but I think it would be cooler if the text was larger, and put diagonally. Maybe its just because of my obsession with large prints.

volksfss volksfss Human

great for concert +1

Very beauty!!

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Simple and impact~~

nice idea but it looks a little sloppy, it looks like an illustrator live trace.

earl earl Artist from Indonesia

an great typo arranger

would you check mine-

novus novus Artist

Pretty cool typo! +1

Akselk Akselk Artist

sweet typo+1
thanks for your comment on my design btw

aman aman Artist

Don’t just say you voted, I know you didn’t. It was 90 2days ago too >:(

+1 :)
good job

i like it

deeroner deeroner Human

Cool T-SHIRT!!

RaYoND RaYoND Human

Good design +1 ^^

pommadon pommadon Human

Cool design

thopus thopus Human

Cool !!!

Arsaphes Arsaphes Human

i loved it +1

turk1672 turk1672 Artist

Great use of simple color and shapes. Good work!

nakprok nakprok Human


ZorDor ZorDor Human

it cool

denkung denkung Human

i like typography it cool. +1

bossie bossie Human

Ooh ~ i like it cool ~

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