aman aman Artist

Wow this is very cool! I love the space effect and all the stuff, the negative hands came out perfect :) ++ Big fan of your stuff, congrats for the prints!

whyball whyball Artist from Romania

You have to stop man! :))

lhifx lhifx Artist

nice one argie!! =) voted!

myargie22 myargie22 Artist from Philippines

You have to stop man! :))

wahehehehe. THNX. I still have a lot of ideas and stories. A lot will come soon. aheheheh

deepflare deepflare Artist

awesome +1 for you…

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thank you

chromakey chromakey Artist

looks great! +1

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cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

the blue looks electric on black! nice job!

Barhan Barhan Artist

very good work!

Studio8Worx Studio8Worx Artist from Philippines

Awesome! grabe yayaman ka nito! hehehe…+1

ikeniru ikeniru Artist from Illinois, United States

i knew it! how did i miss this one? awesome awesome! :D

phokey phokey Human

:d +1

planeterror planeterror Artist


marcelolima marcelolima Artist


Shah Shah Artist

Great looking on the shirt +1
Good job
Plz. check out my artworks.

pauldoh pauldoh Artist


ivejustquitsmoking ivejustquitsmoking Artist from Singapore


elvinjohn18 elvinjohn18 Artist

argie, ngayon ko lang nakita to ah :) sure print nanaman to sigurado! keep it up! :)

NICE! +1

kjlowe kjlowe Human

no small?

Oddeti Oddeti Artist

That is kind of odd, lol.

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