Godfather Godfather Human

Assuming Mr Rocks is a bloke, this man is a genius.

Stinger Stinger Artist from Netherlands

Looks awesome dude!

monkeyboy monkeyboy Human

mmm toasted sammies tonight :) Nice work Rocks, keep slaying.

bigfatrobot bigfatrobot Artist

excellent! i’d wear this with glee!

Pixelfrog Pixelfrog Human

Another amazing design Blair, as always!

kamerleon kamerleon Artist


butters85 butters85 Artist

Thats Pretty SAWEET

robsoul robsoul Artist from United States

looks f%@#*ing great and I dig the oversized print with the rays.

arcomez arcomez Artist

Brilliant line work!

Bramish Bramish Artist from Austria

Super. Large print is great!

pilihp pilihp Artist

grilled cheese FTW!

farflung farflung Artist

i’d wear this all week.

cpdesign cpdesign Artist from United States

Congrats on the print man. I knew right away it was gonna be.

Monkey Monkey Artist from Netherlands

Just wanted to say — this is an AWESOME shirt!

hoy crap the pure silver version of this design is just too cool for me to say no to. Love it great work man!

Stinger Stinger Artist from Netherlands

congrats man!

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist


Edword Edword Artist

Congrats MrRocks, it looks great!

Steven Steven Artist

congrats blair!

iotadial iotadial Artist

oh man this looks good on that tee.

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