bogoio bogoio Artist

this one is sacred

Interesting accents and inside print concept.

Holy Cow this is good!

Smccrum Smccrum Human

I really want to see the medium of this come back in stock.

Put Smalls back in stock, pleeease

muel87 muel87 Human

As soon as large comes back Im buying it

Medium please!

humpfreeb humpfreeb Human

smalls please

markw1 markw1 Human

interesting print, a little too flashy for my tastes. i really like it, though!

reprint this in medium pleeeaaase !

khentges khentges Human


iedwardsiii iedwardsiii Human from United States

None of us wear XL, get mediums!!!

muel87 muel87 Human

Best shirt Ive seen on this site so far

ponyup ponyup Human

any plans on reprinting in smalls?

bfdeitch bfdeitch Human

this is easily the best shirt on the site. reprint in large?

aww… I wanted this.. very much.
as of 5 seconds ago, when I saw it..

can you be persuaded to have a reprint?? or at least get me a women’s large?

iuliux iuliux Artist

ha, that thing printed on behind is real cool

i just saw this shirt and now i WANT it! please reprint!

Please reprint! Men’s XXL!

Waiting for reprint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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