m5g1nb m5g1nb Artist

i love the art work, its beautiful

piatal piatal Artist

great illo!+1

richwood richwood Human


Just_I Just_I Artist

Nice drawing, but maybe it would be even more cool if you had used a diferent placement. That´s just MY opinion, of course.
Anyways..You´ve got my vote!

lisera lisera Artist

really pretty i like it but gotta admit i would love it if it was to be bigger and take up more space on the shirt. vote.

rakkelbear rakkelbear Artist

I voted for it. I think it’s cool, but i think it needs to be larger and have some better placement. Can’t wait to see more!

Take a look at my design? :)


MarkusManson MarkusManson Artist from Indonesia

nicely done, mate! voted +1!

i’d deeply appriciate if u could take a peep at my designs..

cheers! :D

ecliptic_dc ecliptic_dc Artist

Cool Design. +1

Please check out my designs. If you like it, votes are appreciated.


I Love it

dreamerbox dreamerbox Artist

charming sketch ..

Please check out my designs. If you like it


w85pn w85pn Artist

i agree BIGGER, dont be afraid for high contrast :) love ur design regardless and votedd!

Ikasu_Kizz Ikasu_Kizz Artist from Andorra

Thanks for all your nice comments guys :)
Here the “Update-Image” => http://www.sadame.de/submission_sB.jpg
Hope it is alright then :)

lexlevie lexlevie Artist

you have my vote!
will you support me?

Undeadgfx Undeadgfx Human

I don’t like the pixelated look of it. Is it supposed to be that way, or did you just resize it to use for the background picture?

Ikasu_Kizz Ikasu_Kizz Artist from Andorra

No, the pixelated look was intend ^^

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