detommy detommy Artist from Andorra

haha that’s funny :D like it!!

i like it! +1

dxtr dxtr Artist

hey kiwie, this kicks ass! very cool mate!

ra-BOTS ra-BOTS Artist

very nice

jonijontor jonijontor Artist

gozilla? vot it

bulo bulo Artist from Turkey

freak godzilla dancing haha very nice
i like it
votte +1

JustTry JustTry Artist

love the illustration and the colors 2

Eleven1 Eleven1 Artist

power to the vector! 1up, man, nice.

haha friggin bamf man

gloopz gloopz Artist from Brooklyn, NY, United States

haha . . cool! agree with thestray about the rattles but nice illo + 1

piatal piatal Artist


Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

This is awesome, wish the water would go all the way down the shirt though.

ElePhatt ElePhatt Human

all hail typography and amazing designs coming together! But really this is fantastic looking, i love simplicity and humurous elements. ^1

Just_I Just_I Artist

Ha ha ha…You´ve certainly got my vote.

Remz Remz Artist

nice clear lines and concept!!!!+1 and thanks for all your good comments!

camsaprana25 camsaprana25 Artist from FL, United States

nice colors & detail +1

dreamerbox dreamerbox Artist

awesome , it looked so powerful , i like it

Please check out my designs. If you like it


yajerus yajerus Artist

kewl, check mine too +1

w85pn w85pn Artist

lol i love it, great choice of colours! voteddd

Kontrast Kontrast Artist from Alberta, Canada

Hell yeah! haha this one is awesome man, worth a print. ;)

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