lexlevie lexlevie Artist

awesome! you will definately set a trend.
you have my vote!
will you take a look at mine.

bertomier bertomier Artist

Thank you!!!

ecliptic_dc ecliptic_dc Artist

Cool Design. +1

Please check out my designs. If you like it, votes are appreciated.


Scottie Scottie Artist

Maybe if it wasn’t just copied and pasted this would be more interesting, don’t be lazy.

Really like the simplicity of this design. Fussy complicated design are a big turn off. Voted. Check out my design for Kings Of Leon. Lorna

bertomier bertomier Artist

Ha! Thank you Scottie, you’re tearing me up!
I guess they offend you somehow, oh well you’ll have to get over it.This is all just to have fun, I did a little sketch and just played with it.

Scottie Scottie Artist

Sorry dude it was meant to be some constructive criticism. I like your ink idea’s, if each spaceship was drawn individually this would just be a much more special tee. Maybe some soft reds and orange blasting out of the bottom of the ship could look cool too.

bertomier bertomier Artist

No worries!!! It didn’t offend me at all, have to admit that you made me laugh. Thanks for the advice!

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