chienchien chienchien Artist

this is fun. :) voted.

TreeForest TreeForest Artist

Awesome colours, and I like the placement… upbeat :) +1

atagliata atagliata Artist

I love this design! Great colors and concept! Only thing is I don’t like the totem on the back too. Only suggestion. Good luck.

spkahlon spkahlon Artist

Really cool idea. :)

tobias87 tobias87 Human

i like the way it has a minimal version on the back.
there are so many obvious designs on this site but this was a creative one that captured my eye.
good work.

dribbler dribbler Human

Unexpected .. simple .. yet totally related to KOL .. a definite vote from me…
why didn’t I thinkadat?

novus novus Artist
TFWarrior TFWarrior Human

I voted YEAH!

piatal piatal Artist


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