marc marc Human

would be cool to have the letters as discharge ink.

matsuye matsuye Artist

not sure why, but I really like this one.

Ondeon Ondeon Artist

another great design but again I don’t like the placement.

Bobshirt Bobshirt Human

Agree with Whompy.

surajsharma surajsharma Artist

great designs man!

noponies noponies Artist

nice detailing

Steven Steven Artist

i dig this a lot

riffmaster18 riffmaster18 Artist from MI, United States

I like this a lot – I remember seeing this when I first joined thinking it was a sure-print. Hopefully sometime because I’d love to buy this one.

Dogwings Dogwings Artist from United States

I agree, smaller would be better. Like the colors.


monk monk Artist

smaller would be better. Nice design

anatol anatol Human

Nice guy!

bigfatrobot bigfatrobot Artist

love it!

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