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burnoneLTD said: This piece reminds me of that logo from that one movie production studio…you always see those buildings/skyscraper for that movie studio right before the movie starts…I forget what studio. But nice clock concept. I like your other piece better…it has more potential. This one is a bit too simple and just gives off a “dreamy/boring”/“I want to go to sleep” feel…it doesn’t really “pop” to the eyes….this is just my opinion. And maybe that’s the “feel” that you were going for. Don’t really have any constructive comments in changing this piece cause it’s just a bit too boring for my taste. I will say that it has a really “commercial-ee” feel to it where it CAN sell well at Target or Kmart to the 13 and under (it’ll appeal to parents)...and again this is just my opinion on your design.

I would have taken this comment seriously, had I known it was not just an immature response to a negative critique I gave of your design. No real basis to any of the slander here, more just of a “I think I’ve seen this before… but I don’t remember where… you know that place? It must be unoriginal… probably Target.” But nice job admitting to no constructive remarks.

burnoneLTD burnoneLTD Artist from Korea, Republic of

I don’t think you understood what I said. I never said you were “unoriginal” or “design seen somewhere”! I don’t know if you’ve checked out Target or Kmart these days but they don’t have bad designs (maybe you thought I was calling your design cheap or something of the sort, no.) I am honestly giving you MY opinion…so you left a negative comment for me, it made me curious as to your work, but I’m not going to downtalk your design just because of that. I did say your design gives a bit of that “sleepy” type of notion (which isn’t negative)...it just evokes that because it’s a night setting with a gloomy-glowy mist about the buildings and that’s just how it makes ME feel. Plus there’s nothing about the graphic that “pops” to me because of it’s gloomy setting, you can say that it has a somber beauty to it (please look up the word “somber” before you think it’s something negative!!!)...a subtle beauty to it. And that is why I said it would sell well at Target or Kmart. You can take this comment seriously or somehow misconstrue it again and think what you want.

burnoneLTD burnoneLTD Artist from Korea, Republic of

Last note, couldn’t give you any constructive remarks on this one cause the vibe of the shirt like I said is kind of that “somber” look & vibe, and I mainly do designs that “pop” to the eyes or tries to grab attention…maybe flashy at times. Basically, my taste and this design don’t match, therefore, don’t really have any ideas to throw at you. But thought I’d give you my constructive view on what your design evokes to ME.

starry_eyez starry_eyez Artist from Sri Lanka

So cool & am liking it,Voted

This is a very cool design, one of my favorite hope it gets printed +1

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