touki360 touki360 Artist

cool illustration, have my vote.

atagliata atagliata Artist
lexlevie lexlevie Artist

haha this guy is so cute. I like the tonka truck skates
you have my vote!
will you support me?

thestray thestray Artist from United States

I dig this. I like the see through skin and the colors are nice. +1

M4L1K M4L1K Artist

I like it !

love the idea, i love it how you can see through him thats super awesome +1

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kylewreid kylewreid Artist

I really like this a lot. acute monster! +1

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b_ryce b_ryce Artist

loving this! nice work! +1

kiwie kiwie Artist from Latvia

omg, I love this! :D +1

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Thank you! ^^

nath_33133 nath_33133 Artist

really nice! +1

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rogerin rogerin Artist

hehehehehe…great idea…funny one…voted
if u have some time please check me out later ok..thankx

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States


funny =) +1

MyRocket MyRocket Artist

hahaha, cool illustration (with bones in it ;) +1
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B3Dougaha B3Dougaha Artist

nice design i like it! +1
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