atagliata atagliata Artist

nice design. great color theme.

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very sweet! +1

lastsoundtrack lastsoundtrack Artist from Canada

this placement is perfect! love the limited color scheme! +1

kiwie kiwie Artist from Latvia

lovely bug`s! +1

and if you have some time, check my design “TheSpring”
and say what you think! ;)

piatal piatal Artist

please check out my work

Kontrast Kontrast Artist from Alberta, Canada

wow, so cool!

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Props for making something beautiful out of something gross. I don’t really like hearts, but I like the little splash of color. +1

really cool looking, i like the colors +1

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lexlevie lexlevie Artist

This is sooo amazing. The placement and balance of black and white is superb!
you have my vote!
will you support me?

dekonstruct dekonstruct Artist

This shirt has a great duality of gross and cute. I like how there’s tiny splatters on the bug behind it. Does that mean they were gettin’ all up on eachother? You can tell me, I’m a big boy.

kashiori kashiori Artist

nice idea! +1

Snotz Snotz Artist

Amazing layout. Top desing. +1

zeronine zeronine Artist

voted! +1

radiomode radiomode Artist from Antarctica

way cool

glau_glau glau_glau Artist

really amazing i want that +1

Zigazat Zigazat Artist

do like this one!

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

that’s a print! good one!

Peachbeach Peachbeach Artist


dxtr dxtr Artist

arrr. wonderful.

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Wow.. Very cool…
Amazing bugs.

+1 voted.

Plz check out my recent two artworks.

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