dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

Sublevel said: Great minimal design! It works great on the white short. Congratulations!
I agree! congrats!

sleuth sleuth Human

i rekon that this design is over worked a little. just the bomb would be pimpin’. no text, no man, just the bomb. if that was the tee i would snap it up. a cool image, well placed; simple.

good work.

HallowMouth HallowMouth Artist

sweet!, grats on the printing

checkoutmydesign: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/66227

My girlfriend says she ordered this for me for Christmas. I am ecstatic x50.

0.create 0.create Human

I like this. I will get this. heh.


this is nice :D

For anyone who might be hesitant about ordering this (I have seen quite a few times when people have complained pretty hard about shirts not looking as good in person as they do in the pictures on this website) don’t be. I own this shirt and and it looks even better in person. Not to mention it is incredibly soft and mailed very quickly.


silentcut silentcut Human

very very

AF1G3 AF1G3 Human

I don’t really understand the question

I like it… which came first, the humans or the idea of violence?

I like the simplicity.

Use discount code U12WV6 to get 10% off your entire order. Good until January 18th!
So use it as many times as you want, abuse it, and give it to friends = )

Kuhken1 Kuhken1 Human from NY, United States

reprint reprint reprint pleasee!

donfens donfens Human from Virginia, United States

this i like

donfens donfens Human from Virginia, United States

oh and reprint in L please!!!!

elgoncalo elgoncalo Human

Reprint in S or M!!please!!

maha_1185 maha_1185 Human

Can you please reprint this one!!!!! S or M

Ohh reprint men’s M!

intra1991 intra1991 Human

Please print in women sizes.

BTW, use code X6JEMK for 10% off until Dec. 2.

Please reprint in S or M !!

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