lexlevie lexlevie Artist

The lettering is really cool

deepflare deepflare Artist

nice one. +1
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thank you

kiwie kiwie Artist from Latvia

I will dance! :D voted!
and if you have time, please check my design “ThePower” and say what you think!

rogerin rogerin Artist

hehehehe..sweettt…voted +1
if u have some time check me out later ok ^^

kylewreid kylewreid Artist

Nice design! Like the colors. +1

Check out some of my designs if you get a chance :-)


Kontrast Kontrast Artist from Alberta, Canada

i’m coming! haha nice. +1

pzzzat pzzzat Artist

so coooollllll.

http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/47404 a vote would be greatly appreciated

starry_eyez starry_eyez Artist from Sri Lanka

Simple but hella cooooooooooool….voted

pipo2draw pipo2draw Artist

voted +1! if you have time, check my design “FREEDOM BY PIPO2DRAW”, Vote if you like my design, thanks! http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/48867

this reminds me of a typeface i designed Its scarily similar, see my site, you design this yourself ?, still nice type work tho



piatal piatal Artist

i like it+1
please check out my work

TheMailman TheMailman Artist

Nice work +1

Jase Jase Artist


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