doooo it:]:]

KatDDC KatDDC Human


blkgrnwll blkgrnwll Human

get busy!

this is Jesse saying PRINT THIS SHIRT!

xCJx xCJx Human


print this now. i want to see people all over the world wearing this shirt.

amazing job

so amazing! please print this!

ThyEnding ThyEnding Human

this HAS to be printed!

aboehm2 aboehm2 Human

Totally :)

joey1 joey1 Human

PRINT THIS ASAP! i want it!

xCJx xCJx Human

print print print

Haha no, but a lot of fans that like these lyrics from the band, thats why they are all voting. They all live back in Florida and really support their music. so they all made accounts because they want to buy this shirt :)

justr justr Human

i love it.
i will buy it!

rob-noble rob-noble Human

holy jebus! PRINT IT! FOIL PLEASE!
seriously this is impressive!

freakin why do i not own one of these yet.

Caserooni Caserooni Human

did you really make a bunch of accounts to vote for this…? Its interesting how all the comments are by peoples # in the 9200-9300…

please print it for me!!!!!!!!!

myargie22 myargie22 Artist from Philippines

too dramatic

asdafkid asdafkid Human

i want to see bands printing their own merchandise

so you definitely have to print this. so i can wear it. EVERY DAY. k thanks

I love you caserooni, I would never cheat

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