kylewreid kylewreid Artist

Cool idea. What is on the little shirts?

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lexlevie lexlevie Artist

I like the mini tees!
You have my vote!
Would you check mine out?

lol, that is a new idea i havent seen +1

please check out my quiksilver design, vote and comment is appreciated


MyRocket MyRocket Artist

Yeah! could be a bit smaller but i´ve seen a misfits skull, so who cares! ;) +1
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kiwie kiwie Artist from Latvia

wow, interesting! +1
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deepflare deepflare Artist

nice one. +1
Please check out my stuff and vote if you like them!
thank you

algytut algytut Artist

Very cool . . . I like how the t-shirts are small so people have to lean in to see them ;)

Voted +1 – check out mine and vote if you like it:


piatal piatal Artist

please check out my work

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