raisenjohn raisenjohn Artist

hey this very cool!tony rules!+1

kindly check my design.thanks

pitchgrim pitchgrim Artist from United States

Nice illustration, very clever. +1 Please check out mine if you have the time

That’s really cool. I like it. +1!
Check out mine too! And vote.. haha :]

rogerin rogerin Artist

very original illustration…great work..+1
please check out my design http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/48057
an vote if you liked ^^

KelvinAlf KelvinAlf Artist

thats pretty sick I need to learn how to do this +1, please check out my Language of art post and if you have any favorite books on drawing or tips please send me a message

kiwie kiwie Artist from Latvia

hey Tony, wazap?! :D you got my vote!
and if you have time, please check my design “ThePower” and say what you think!

lukasdg lukasdg Artist

tony rules man!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good .luck!!!!


Whiskey Whiskey Artist

Hum…great illo but I’m not sure if it works well on a t-shirt…

piatal piatal Artist

nice illo+1
please check out my work

maiell maiell Artist from United States

Great artwork!!! I love it!!! It deserves much more votes !! Therefore +1

Please comment and support my designs if u like what u see!!

thx and good luck!

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