elyena elyena Human

This is so badass, totally voted! I may even buy one, and I /never/ buy anything online…

vniebla vniebla Human

The green and blue is a great color combo. Sweeet!

OmarO OmarO Human

That looks awesome. Nice color choice!

endejester endejester Artist

Oooo…navy just might do it too… not a color I normally wear but at least I could say I added more color to my shirts than just the designs on them XD laughs <3

thats so cool….
vote +1….
good job….
please check my design “Kings Of Leon – Heart
and vote if you like my design

piatal piatal Artist

great job!+1
please check out my work

kiwie kiwie Artist from Latvia

so good! :) +1

atagliata atagliata Artist

mythology. love it !

please check out my design when you get a chance.


Mosskat Mosskat Human

You’re amazing y’know?

This so reminds me of a boss from Castlevania. Coincidently it was my favorite boss. I simply demand this shirt now.

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Another great monster design. +1

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