didnt anyone else?

wisseh wisseh Artist from Canada

I got this shirt, absolutely love it! Can’t believe it didn’t win anything beyond SOTD!

swayne1 swayne1 Human

this is such a sick shirt i thought the bear was sad that the goose died but the rest of my family said he killed the goose whatever its a sick shirt.

Great shirt! I really like the design. I remember thinking a while back that this would look great as a shirt, and here it is!

stringles stringles Artist

yay for sales, purchased this


is there a close-up picture of this one enywhere? :D

OmarO OmarO Human
PLAiNPAiN said: is there a close-up picture of this one enywhere? :D

There a little magnifying glass under the pics, beside the front/side/back dots. If you can’t find it here’s the link : http://www.designbyhumans.com/product_images/0001/7737/sorrowskies_m_f_zoom.png

Just buy it, haha. I have this shirt and I looooove it.

JAZ1211 JAZ1211 Artist from United States


cool shirt

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