savagejon123 savagejon123 Artist from Pa, United States

lol Guy Fawkes.

PickleBrine PickleBrine Artist

sharp , simple and great colors!! +1

Tyronics Tyronics Human


the_jcw the_jcw Artist


TheMailman TheMailman Artist

siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, and there’s a pokemon in the back, i just love it dude

Farmill Farmill Human

So i herd u liek mudkipz?

kashiori kashiori Artist

Wow nice :), +1
check mines too :)

glau_glau glau_glau Artist

amazing ;) +1

kuriku kuriku Human

Good job :D

big fat glossy characters
i like


Lawlight Lawlight Human

Nice. Not to keen on the blue circle background. Maybe if it wasn’t just a circle….but other than that it’s cool! Love the colors.

Dullface Dullface Artist

Lol, 4chan on a shirt.

lexlevie lexlevie Artist

I like this.
You have my vote!
Support is very much appreciated =)
Good luck!

tokinn tokinn Artist

oh man this just screams fun! the colors and the images go perfectly together, i like it a lot! only thing is that i think a vibrant colored shirt might do the design more justice than a black one. but best of luck! +1

please help out my first submission if you like it!


minimart minimart Artist

Cool..love the colors you chose!


if you have time, please check out mine:


turk1672 turk1672 Artist

I love the style and colours! You’ve got my vote.
Check out mine if you like.

piatal piatal Artist

i like it!+1
please check out my work

Divinetouch Divinetouch Artist

anon is happy

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