The placement feels weird. The tree is too “centered,” maybe have it running off more in one direction than the other? Creating an offset would lead to a better interplay between the positive and negative space. I also like the colour of the leaves more on the shirt than on the backdrop.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

The leaves really sell it I think. They’re a nice color. Voted.

yeah the placement is weird, but i like it +1

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joehoracek joehoracek Artist from Nebraska, United States

cool design yo! yeah, the placement could be some where else but hey, I like the tree! I feel like I am in a Dr Suess book..

Lawlight Lawlight Human

Just a few things….

The placement doesn’t work for me, either. I agree with what Seasalt-Jones says.

Also, the leaves don’t work for me. I’d like it more if the leaves were as textured as the tree trunk, or maybe just not a solid green. Perhaps if they were outlined like the rest of the tree. Idk…just my opinion.

The image as a whole looks better on the greenish background than it does on the shirt.

Considering all that….this is still something I’d wear.

piatal piatal Artist

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atagliata atagliata Artist

nicely done.

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