the molly’s chambers video is ace and so is this design :o) +1 vote

wmarchant wmarchant Artist

very “de stijl”.....i like!

I really like yours, it’s great!

yourmom yourmom Artist


piatal piatal Artist

great window!:)+1
please check out my work

digger digger Artist

I like this +1

ectozoo ectozoo Artist


This is awesome! Its a Molly Chambers throw back but with present day them! Awesome +1

tijuanablue tijuanablue Artist

Simple And Cool. Voted +. Check Mine.

jemii jemii Artist

works! +1

tokinn tokinn Artist

this really is what a band shirt is all about in my opinion, very eye catching. could definitely be a tour shirt for the band or something, totally lovin it +1

and send a vote my way if you like this first submission of mine!


I love the simplicity. Bold. +1

check me out if you feel so inclined.

kylewreid kylewreid Artist

Awesome depiction. +1

Check out some of my designs if you get a chance :-)


crearo crearo Artist

Dear kikala,

where can I buy this shirt and how much are the price including shipping?
I am from Germany. And my email adress is: alfa146@arcor.de

Best regards

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