dudley53 dudley53 Human

Made for graphic designers.

thats really cool, havent seen anything like that +1

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Cgiphone Cgiphone Artist

This is nice.

CiREN CiREN Artist


thestray thestray Artist from United States

Yeah, I’d sport that. Vote from me.
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nice… but i would like it more if the figures had relations with the design of the big 4, i like the position of the five, +1

Theluc Theluc Artist

wow. this is great.

paulobbruno paulobbruno Artist from São Paulo, Brazil



Love it!! This is a printers dream shirt. ha

garrettross garrettross Artist

the colors are great! +1

munkymuck munkymuck Artist

i like this one..nice!+1

piatal piatal Artist

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That is pretty cool. +1!
Check out mine too! And vote.. haha :]

atagliata atagliata Artist

nice concept

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