anacrus anacrus Artist

I like so much, Voted

MarkusManson MarkusManson Artist from Indonesia

nicely done, mate! voted +1!

i’d deeply appriciate if u could take a peep at my designs..

cheers! :D

ben2b ben2b Artist

yeah , one of my fav !!!! :)
+1 voted

Just_I Just_I Artist

I don´t know the band so much to be able to see all the references.
But it´s really nice that you´ve used old references of the band to do the new tee design.
+ 1 For concept.

wow nice mate i really love this one +1

crearo crearo Artist

Dear SoAmazing,

where can I buy this shirt and how much are the price including shipping?
I am from Germany. And my email adress is: alfa146@arcor.de

Best regards

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